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Private Equity



  • After successfully building a large Canada and US based industrial distribution business largely through organic growth and strategic acquisitions, the co-founders of R.I.I Equity Partners sold the distribution group of companies to a US based NYSE listed public company.

  • On April 24, 2014 R.I.I Equity Partners was formed with an objective to make strategic private equity investments in successful Canadian companies and to build shareholder value with our key management partners.

  • Several investments in established and successful private companies have been made since the firms inception, with additional capital available to expand the portfolio.


  • Our primary focus is making strategic investments in strong established companies with good growth potential, partnering with an experienced entrepreneurial management team who are passionate about the business and committed to its success. As a group we position the company to grow both organically and through acquisitions, with an ultimate objective to build meaningful scale and maximize shareholder returns.

Why us

  • We have significant experience and expertise with: developing key management and/or employee ownership plans, obtaining capital, optimizing capital structures, accounting, tax planning, legal matters, risk management and growing businesses in general. 

  • We start by establishing a strong management team with a vested interest in the business and then on optimizing capital allocation and capital structures to maximize the businesses growth potential. We also share 40+ years of combined experience developing best practices in successfully growing private businesses and building value for all shareholders.

  • We have the ability to inject additional capital for future growth plans.

  • We are flexible on hold periods and have the ability to hold these investments for the long term.

  • We have a proven track record of successfully developing the businesses that we have made investments in and building value for all shareholders.


  • We like to partner with a capable management team who have a vested interest in the business and a strong desire to grow the company.

  • We are generally targeting established companies with a minimum EBITDA of $5+ million and strong growth potential.

  • We prefer companies that are leaders in their market, operate in diversified industries, and have a diversified customer and supplier base.

  • We look for companies with identifiable competitive advantages and a history of generating high profit margins.

R.I.I Equity Partners Inc. is a western Canada based private equity investment firm, which provides the following services to established Canadian companies:

  1. Private equity

  2. Business Consulting & Advisory

Business Consulting & Advisory

  • With significant experience in commercial banking, merchant banking, private company management and private equity, R.I.I also provides business consulting & advisory services to established private Canadian companies.

  • We specialize in the following: succession, acquisitions and expansion, selling & shareholder transition, capital solutions, financial management and building shareholder value.

  • Our expertise has been working with established companies, generally with EBITDA in the $2 million - $50+ million range.

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